Healthosphere by TASm2m lies at the intersection of Healthcare and Technology providing integrated Digital Healthcare Solutions.

Bringing our 10 years of expertise in M2M and IoT solutions, we are able to offer innovative solutions in the areas of mHealth , Smart Healthcare and Connected Health integrations.

We work with healthcare systems, private care providers, healthcare NGOs and other healthcare organisations to power digital healthcare solutions that improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve healthcare providers' efficiency as well as minimize risk for patients. We also provide solutions catering to the personal health monitoring needs of individual users and patients.

Our TASm2m-HCS cloud specifically caters to the robust and secure requirements for healthcare applications and is compliant to global Healthcare information protection standards.

With our driving spirit and passion to modernize the world of healthcare in India, our team strives to usher in the use of latest healthcare technologies, while also balancing the human element of healthcare.